Greenpoint Fish BrianBrian McGovern
Lobster Purchasing & Sales
Greenpoint Fish OrionOrion Russell
Executive Chef
Greenpoint Fish PeterPeter Juusola
General Manager
Greenpoint Fish VinnyVinny Milburn
Fish Buyer

The Tale of Greenpoint Fish

Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. was built on a simple principle of providing clean, high quality and sustainable seafood to friends and neighbors of Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

As 5th generation fishmongers, we know that sustainable seafood is all about balance. It means fishing responsibly, understanding the sea and its seasons, avoiding overfished wild stocks, and ensuring we leave the oceans in a better place than we found them. Sharing what we know creates a higher level of ecological consciousness which, in the long-run benefits us all.

It’s not just the produce we sell, but how we sell it: using the entire fish from the fillets, to fish bones for stock, even the off-cuts that are often overlooked. That’s the kind of goodness we all want on our plates.

The original Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. restaurant and fresh fish counter first opened on Nassau Ave back in 2014, and can now be found anywhere from the kitchen’s of local fish-loving friends to the counters of Michelin Star chefs. If you haven’t seen us rambling in the New York Times, or on CBS Morning news, know this…

We are always down to talk fish.

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